Phỏng vấn cựu sinh viên MBA của Swiss School of Management Daria & Kateryna Shemet

Hello Dr. Bracale,

It is so good to hearing from you. We will never forget our first day at SSM and we highly cherish it and everything that we learned. That was the best year and a half of our lives. And you were the best professor (still are) and a role model to us.

We no longer reside in Milano. We moved to Los Angeles and we have been here for quite some time. We needed a change and after working for a fashion company in Milano, we got involved with a charity here in LA and are very enthusiastic about it. So we’re climbing up and making you proud.

We have received numerous offers from the United Nations, NATO and some consultancy firms (McKinsey), but we are very enthusiastic about this charity and will see where it goes.

We are still the Tsunami sisters and everyone tells us how powerful we are and that we are force in our own.

Our parents are back in Ukraine and we do hope to come to Rome sometime next year.

Dr. Bracale, we are so proud of what you have done and your many achievements and we looked at the SSM website and we see how the school is growing!!!! Auguri auguri!

Sending you many hugs from sunny California
Le Gemelle


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