Phỏng vấn cựu sinh viên MBA của Swiss School of Management Natalie Knight

Name: Natalie Knight
Place of work: e3 Consulting – Puerto Rico, USA
Graduation year: 2014
Current Job: Business Analyst

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I see myself working either for the US government as a Diplomat or working for the private sector.

So you finished classes in 2014, tell us about your experience after your MBA Program.
After I finished my MBA, I was still doing an Internship at a UN Agency in Rome where I gain many skills that complemented positively everything that I learned during my MBA.

What skillset do you need to do your job?
For my current job, some of the necessary skillsets that I need include: organizational and managerial skills to implement projects; knowledge of basic financial concepts to perform day-to-day tasks; people skills to be able to communicate and convey the client, and finally basic knowledge of IT concepts (i.e. systems, Microsoft Office, etc.) to deliver high quality work.

How has your MBA helped you in your current position?
It has helped me understand better how the private sector works. Before having this job my experience was only in the public sector (i.e. International Organizations). It has provided me with the necessary tools and knowledge to perform and deliver at the best of my ability.

What are your future plans?
My current plans are to stay at my current job for at least another year, because I would like to keep gaining more experience and acquiring skills that will help me grow personally and professionally.

If you could describe your experience in Rome during your MBA how would you sum it up?
I couldn’t have asked for better mentors, professors and classmates. It was an amazing experience, and I truly wish that everyone could have the same experience as I did, because SSM is more than just a school, it’s a community built by amazing leaders.

Can you share an experience that is most memorable with relation to the MBA program?
The Leadership Class/Day. I will never forget how we had to overcome many obstacles as a team. It was great!

What was your favorite class in the program and why?
I really liked Marketing and the Negotiation classes. I learned and acquired many skills that have helped me grow professionally in my present job position.

What advice would you give newcomers to the MBA program or for those interested?
To take the chance. They will never regret it. They will not only obtain an MBA degree; they will forever remember SSM as the incomparable family and community that helped them become the great and determined professionals and leaders they are today.

What do you think differentiates this MBA from other MBA programs?
Like I mentioned before, it’s not just another school, SSM is the community that leaders want to be part of.

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