Phỏng vấn cựu sinh viên BBA, Ruslan Kikosh, Liên Bang Nga

My stay in Rome has truly changed me, the Swiss School of Management was a major catalyst in taking me see the world with different eyes and adapting a different approach to life. I could not say that SSM has prepared me just academically, it was as well a life school. University most of the time means to be labeled with a number, read a ton of books and pass the exam, but not SSM. Professors there are truly passionate at what they are doing and not just they give you a personalised approach but they also share something that is not shared in university books, and that is life experience. Most of the professors I met were successful entrepreneurs and I particularly liked the finance course with Prof. Robert Pardi, he even went through some real trading while teaching us and showed that building wealth is about how you decide to spend your money.

The BBA class also had an opportunity to have a joint course with the MBAs and they gave us to to read two well known books but which I had not read until then. The book taught us to spend money and balance our budget so that we spend more on assets than liabilities. For example, when you have some money saved and you decide to spend them, you should rather think on how to invest them, and that is spend let’s say on real estate or shares, instead of buying expensive clothing like a lot do. The goal is to be rich, not to look like you are.

I would also like to point out that the number of students per class was very limited and we were offered a lot of attention, professors helped us not just with academic work but also gave us advice when we had some private issues. They constantly stimulated us to be always on top of the pyramid and perform higher than 100% and aspire to work in the industry you are most interested in. Further, all Professors also emphasised on the importance to become an asset for the organization we are going to work for, to not only secure our jobs but furthermore, to pursue a real career.

I am happy with my choice and I would choose SSM again if I had to, under the leadership of the Prof. Massimiliano Bracalé the business school is only improving and enriching its students with real knowledge. Almost any my review or question was promptly answered and not even once I remained unhappy.

I would like to thank the staff of SSM and the President of SSM Prof. Massimiliano Bracalé for their work.

Ruslan Kikosh

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